Bercow must not snatch away Boris Johnson’s last chance to get his Brexit deal through Parliament


Plotters’ twist

IT WAS said that this miserable excuse for a Parliament might finally rally round and deliver the result of the referendum — but we thought it too good to be true.

And so it has proved.

Boris Johnson's deal has given Remainer MPs one last chance to redeem themselves
UK parliament

Boris Johnson’s deal has given Remainer MPs one last chance to redeem themselves[/caption]

Puffed-up backbencher Oliver Letwin put a dirty great spanner in the works on Saturday, giving Speaker John Bercow the chance to twist it by refusing to allow MPs to vote again on the deal.

We are used to Bercow disgracing his office, but this would be a new low even for him.

The EU has given the PM 48 hours to get his deal through Parliament, and if Bercow uses a legal loophole to scupper him, it will go down in history as an act of grave constitutional vandalism.

Aided and abetted by Bercow, smug Remainer MPs have spent three years betraying the people who elected them.

With this new deal, Boris Johnson has given them one last, shining chance to redeem themselves.

For the sake of democracy, the Speaker must not snatch it away.

Labour chaos

EARNEST Labour never stop telling us that they are terrified of a No Deal, but their actions defy their words.

Three times they’ve been given an opportunity to see it off for good, and three times they have rejected it.

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour will be left squirming should Britain accidentally fall out of the EU without a deal
PA:Press Association

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour will be left squirming should Britain accidentally fall out of the EU without a deal[/caption]

First they put the kibosh on Theresa May’s deal. Then they chickened out of a general election. And now — surprise surprise — they are doing their utmost to wreck Boris Johnson’s deal, our last hope for an orderly Brexit.

Weary EU leaders will now decide whether to grant the PM the pointless Brexit extension he has been strong-armed into requesting.

But they are heartily sick of watching our preening MPs toy with the future of their countries, and might well refuse.

Should Britain then accidentally fall out of the EU without a deal — a situation for which the Government is now being forced to prepare — Labour MPs will be left squirming.

For the sake of embarrassing a Conservative Government, Her Majesty’s rotten Opposition will have sent the country spiralling into chaos.

Bed of fails

A DIRE safety crisis is blighting our A&Es.

The solution, of course, is more beds — something the Prime Minister has already promised in the shape of a major hospital building project.

But while MPs continue to indulge in ever more ludicrous Brexit shenanigans, this plan, along with hundreds of others, has been shoved on to the back-burner.

MPs neglecting their constituents is nothing new.

But when that neglect leads to death on hospital corridors, something’s got to give.

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