Debbie McGee reveals ‘heart-wrenching’ story behind Strictly Come Dancing tribute


It remains to be seen which team will be crowned the winners, but ultimately the real victor will be Children In Need. Last year, Bargain Hunt raised more than £12,000 for the charity and no doubt the team are hoping to match that again this year.

When asked if she thinks she will win, Debbie laughed: “Yeah, I hope so! We’ll see. I’m really excited about the auction. I haven’t been to many auctions. When you’ve got some things and it’s for Children In Need, it’s more important to make more money. It’s not just making it for yourself, you want to make as much as possible for Children In Need.”

And if it wasn’t enough, Debbie revealed she will be selling off her shoes that took her all the way to the final of Strictly Come Dancing 2017.

“For the auction I donated a pair of shoes that I actually wore on Strictly,” the trained dancer continued. “We’ve also got two tickets to go and watch Strictly Live along with my shoes.

“I’m hoping with all the following Strictly has got, someone will have some pocket money to pay a nice few pennies as it all goes to Children In Need.”


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