Friends: ‘We had to go back’ Brad Pitt exposes huge Rachel Green blunder 25 years later


Friends fans will remember the episode where Brad Pitt, who was the Rachel Green’s star Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend at the time, appeared as a guest star on the show. In the episode called The One with the Rumor, the star rocked up to celebrate Thanksgiving with the six.

Now, 25 years after the first episode aired, Brad has spoken out about his guest appearance blunder.

Friends fans will remember when Monica Geller (played by Courteney Cox) invited her brother Ross’ (David Schwimmer) overweight old school friend Will Colbert (Brad Pitt).

On arrival it was revealed that Will had lost over 150 pounds and Rachel Green began outrageously flirting with him.

Things went badly wrong as it was revealed Will hated Rachel and was even the co-founder of the ‘I hate Rachel Green’ club back in his school days.

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However, it seems the Thanksgiving meal went wrong in real life as Brad revealed he instantly made a blunder at the beginning of his first scene.

In Monday’s special screening of his new film Ad Astra, the star revealed he messed up the first line.

When asked if he had any memories of the series, he answered: “Yeah, I flubbed my first line.

“My very first line I flubbed, and we had to go back.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Friends creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman answered the question of whether the couple would still be together today.

Moreover, there was a rather alarming revelation about baby Emma.

“I think they would still be together,” she told the publication

However, the creator also shared a glimpse into grown up Emma’s life.

She added: “And as David Crane said, Emma would be in therapy.”

Moreover, Rachel Green star herself backed the idea the pair would still be together in an interview with NBC News earlier this year.

Jennifer Aniston started: “Yes. Absolutely.

“Emma’s grown up, she’s in college? High school? Let’s say junior high.”

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