Sacred Games season 2 explained: Why does Gaitonde turn to Guru Ji?

Sacred Games season 2 explained: Why does Gaitonde turn to Guru Ji?

Season two of Sacred Games has finally dropped on Netflix after a year of anticipation with eight more episodes to binge. The show marked Netflix’s

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Season two of Sacred Games has finally dropped on Netflix after a year of anticipation with eight more episodes to binge. The show marked Netflix’s first foray in to the Indian market and has proved to be a rip-roaring success. One big character in season two is the elusive holy man Guru Ji (played by Pankaj Tripathi), who gangster Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) described at the end of the first run as his “third father”.

Right at the start of Sacred Games season one, Gaitonde explained to the viewers that he had three fathers and that he despised all of them.

His first father was biological while the other two were paternal figures he admired during his criminal carer.

Gaitonde’s second father was Salim Kaka (Nawab Shah) and the third was mentioned in the finale as Guru Ji who was seen praying on television.

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Why does Gaitonde turn to Guru Ji?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Sacred Games season 2

Perhaps one big question that audiences have about season two is why a character like Gaitonde would defer to religion and why he would place his faith in a priest?

Throughout Sacred Games, audiences are reminded time and again about the power of religion in India.

With real-life examples of Shah Bano case and the Bombay Bombings, Sacred Games shows time and again how religion has been used to control and manipulate the masses.

The show also points out how faith has been used by politicians to further their ambitions and climb the greasy pole.

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Season two sees Gaitonde, who is very apathetic to a higher being, finally embracing some sort of faith after meeting televisual priest Guru Ji.

Speaking about why Gaitonde turns to Guru Ji in season two, Sacred Games directors Anurag Kashyap and Neeraj Ghaywan shared their thoughts.

“It has always been there. Religion has always been used to turn people. It has been there forever from time in memorial,” Kashyap explained.

Director Ghaywan, who is known for his film Masaan, was drafted into assist Kashyap for Sacred Games season two after Vikramaditya Motwane chose to concentrate in his role as overall showrunner.

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Ghaywan said: “I guess it is designed to have the fear of god and hence be submissive to a power that is over you. That is what religion is all about.”

Kashyap went on to explained to the Hindustan Times: “It’s the vulnerability of one man seeking out answers.

“There comes a stage in most people’s lives when they try to seek outside – it’s almost like therapy. It’s like going to counselling when your belief system starts falling apart one by one.

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“When what you think and expect from yourself and you’re pretty sure about it doesn’t come true. You start doubting yourself.

“In those moments of self-doubt, people go out and start seeking answers and that’s what Gaitonde’s thing is.

“He’s not a superman. He believes he’s a superman and then he realises how simple and ordinary he can be and there can be somebody more powerful than him.

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“When he realises he’s not as powerful as he thinks, he’s not the Shaktishali [Hindi for giant], there are people who can control him and can trouble him, so he goes seeking answers from someone he puts above him and that is what was in there, in that moment.”

Ghaywan described Gaitonde reaching a turning point in his criminal enterprises that leads him down the path of faith.

“There’s also a sense that he’s experiencing the pointlessness and banality of what he’s doing. I mean, how far can he go? There has to be something else and that’s also what I read through,” he said.

Kashyap added: “He’s riding a lion and he needs to get off the lion but he needs to find somebody who can help him get off the lion without the lion eating him up.”

Sacred Games season 2 is on Netflix now

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