Adelaide woman faces $30,000 fine from council for feeding pigeons

Bird lover, 72, who feeds 600 pigeons outside her home every day refuses to stop – despite enraging her neighbours and facing a $30,000 fine from council Elizabeth Vlajkov feeds birds outside her home in Parafield Gardens in Adelaide  Neighbours say she attracts 600 birds a day leaving their homes covered in poo City of […]

Feeding pigeons bread could be making them more aggressive and dominant

Fattening up pigeons by feeding them bread in the park could make them more aggressive because heavier birds are the most dominant, study finds Researchers studied a flock of 17 homing pigeons with 8 males and 9 females When ‘adding weight’ to some of the pigeons they became more aggressive  When the weights were removed […]

Light pollution interrupts the sleeping patterns of magpies and pigeons, study finds

City-dwellers are urged to switch off their garden lamps at night as light pollution interrupts the sleeping patterns of magpies and pigeons Lost sleep can impact a bird’s ability to forage, defend itself and find a mate Experts from Australia measured brain activity in sleeping magpies and pigeons They found light disrupted the animals’ sleep — with pigeons […]