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Brits living in Spain will face a plague of billions of aggressive mosquitoes following the country’s worst storms in 100 years

californiasun- September 20, 2019

BRITS living in Spain face a plague of billions of aggressive Asian tiger mosquitoes after the country was clobbered by the worst storms in 100 ... Read More

Residents seek backup power as storms, fires cause blackouts

californiasun- September 18, 2019

Climate change has led to deadlier wildfire seasons in the American West and more severe hurricanes and storms barreling up the Southern and Eastern coasts. ... Read More

Spain holiday warning: 'Extreme risk' for British travellers – storms claim seventh victim

californiasun- September 18, 2019

Spain’s worst storms for 140 years have tragically claimed their seventh victim. The body of a man was uncovered in a drainage ditch after he ... Read More