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Will.i.am health: The Voice judge reveals how music helps him to control his condition


Will.i.am announced his talents to the world as the founding and lead member of the pop group The Black Eyed Peas. Since the turn of the millennium, Will.i.am has organised his life around music, a move that has been hugely successful. He has achieved runaway success as a solo artist, produced music for the likes of Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber, and become a mentor to aspiring musicians on ITV’s The Voice UK.

It goes without saying that his musical ability has been a money-spinner, but it also occupies a therapeutic role in his life.

This is because Will.i.am suffers from ADHD, a behavioural disorder that includes symptoms such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, the music mogul opened about his condition.

He said: “I have ADHD. I’ll admit it.

“I’ve got all this stuff in my head at the same time as I’m doing stuff and I don’t know how to stop or slow down.”

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How to spot it

According to the NHS, the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be categorised into two types of behavioural problems: inattentiveness, and hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

Most people with ADHD have problems that fall into both these categories, but this is not always the case, explains the health body.

“For example, some people with the condition may have problems with inattentiveness, but not with hyperactivity or impulsiveness,” notes the health site.

This form of ADHD is also known as attention deficit disorder (ADD). ADD can sometimes go unnoticed because the symptoms may be less obvious.

In addition to medication and therapy, some people may find alternative treatments help to manage the condition, such as cutting out certain foods.

As the NHS explains, some people may notice a link between types of food and worsening ADHD symptoms.

“If this is the case, keep a diary of what you eat and drink, and what behaviour follows,” advises the health body.

It is important to note that there’s no strong evidence that cutting out certain foods will work and they should not be attempted without medical advice, it cautions.


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